What makes you snuggly or steadfast?

Hello world,
I am Ms. Steadfast Snuggler. I enjoy snuggling. I purchase sweaters and pants based on their snuggleworthy attributes. I like snuggle weather. I hope to snuggle happily ever after. And I am trying to be steadfast. Wish me luck.
For the inaugural post I thought I’d explain why I’d join all the other wordpress weblogs: I wanted to. I am a writer at heart, and I wanted to write. If you like what I write, fine. But I’m writing for me. Get the joy out there! I thought this would be a way to keep my family and far-away friends updated and entertained. My heart just filled with words this weekend. A little bit about me:
What I’m reading:
To an Ancient People by Leopold Cohn–just finished
Licensure Prep-book 1–avoiding
Licensure Prep-book 2–looking fearfully askance
The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley–about to begin
The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer–halfway through

5 Movies I’m always in the mood to watch:
The Philadelphia Story
Where Eagles Dare
From Russia With Love
Singing in the Rain
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


About sfsnuggler1030

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